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We provide solutions for:

. Home Oxygen Systems
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. Spirometry
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Associated Healthcare strives to be your partner in the complex arena of adult based respiratory homecare. Our disease awareness programs are focused on patient compliance and physician interaction. At Associated, we realize the importance of proper disease management and timely clinical intervention as a means to helping patients lead full and active lives. Our goal is to be your "eyes and ears" in the patient's home.

Associated provides in-service presentations for hospitals, payors and affiliated physicians covering topics such as new technology developments in respiratory care equipment, new therapies and new techniques in patient care.


Overnight Oximetry. Many patients desaturate while
sleeping that show little desaturation during the waking
hours. An easy-to-use memory oximeter can be dispensed to
patients to help determine the need for supplemental oxygen
therapy. A full written report is presented to the physician.
There is no charge for this service.
Spirometry. Our staff can assist in setting up an in-office
spirometry program. This test helps identify patients with
COPD and assesses the severity of the disease. Respiratory
medications and/or oxygen therapy may be treatment options.


COPD Intervention Program
CHF "Heart to Heart" Program
Overnight Oximetry "OxiScan" Program
ALS Intervention Program
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Program
Sleep Assurance CPAP Compliance Program
Pulmonary Education
Respiratory Medications Compliance Program

Pulmonary Education

Our home-based pulmonary education program provides individualized education and support to clinically stable respiratory patients and their families. Teaching includes relaxation techniques, coughing and breathing exercises, support literature, videos, discharge assessment, maintenance and physician follow-up reports. Outcomes include enhanced patient compliance with the treatment plan, reduction in hospital readmissions and emergency room visits, improved coping strategies, and improved quality of life.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Program

Congestive Heart Failure interventions in the home include patient education focused on symptoms of CHF, dietary and activity counseling and review of medications. Education is geared toward reinforcing physician's instructions in the home to maximize compliance with the treatment plan. Diagnostic services are also provided to diagnose sleep breathing disorders in the CHF population. All services are provided with the intent of improved quality of life and decreased incidence of hospital and ER visits.

COPD Intervention Program

This program provides physicians with complete homecare protocols for treating each stage of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Patients are encouraged to understand their plan of care and become an active participant in it. Regular follow-up maximizes compliance and provides positive outcomes, which include decreased incidence of hospital and ER visits, improved functional ability, improved quality of life, and less unscheduled physician time.

ALS Intervention Program

This unique program brings together clinicians specially trained in monitoring ventilatory parameters and initiating ventilatory support for patients with neuromuscular diseases, such as ALS. We utilize nationally recognized protocols offering the best and widest variety of non-invasive ventilatory options, including BiPAP - S/T.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Program (Sleep Assurance)

Our program provides physicians with access to full diagnostic testing and treatment services with unsurpassed timelines and comfort to the patient. This rapid response for sleep lab coordination and treatment saves patients months of unnecessary stress and risk. Licensed health professionals provide thorough instruction in the use of CPAP equipment and proper interface/mask fit, items essential for patient compliance with prescribed therapy. Patients are followed for compliance for one year following initiation of therapy to ensure that treatment outcomes are maximized.

Disease Awareness Programs
Neb MD Program
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