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We provide solutions for:

. Home Oxygen Systems
. Home Medical Equipment
. Overnight Oximetry
. Aerosol Meds Program
. Spirometry
. CPAP Sleep Therapy.
. Portable Travel Oxygen.

About Us


At Associated Healthcare, we provide the highest quality userfriendly
home medical equipment, but it is our people that
make the difference! We have the largest staff of Licensed
Respiratory Clinicians and Nurses in Upstate New York, who are
all specially trained to help maximize the benefits of therapy in
the home.
From our Service Technicians and experienced Customer
Service Representatives, to our Reimbursement and Billing
Specialists, everyone at Associated Healthcare is dedicated to
providing you with the most professional, responsive and
respectful experience.

We take a personal interest in bringing you as many helpful
services as possible, such as discharge planning consultation,
education and training, as well as:
• Billing to Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance plans.
• 24-hour on-call service, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
• Community based clinical staff.
• Free delivery, setup, patient instruction and teaching on all equipment and services.
• ACHC Accredited


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